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Academic Writing in English as an Additional Language A Focus on Scholarly Publication – Prof. Rahmah Fithriani, Ph.D.


Publishing is not only about learning or knowledge. The publication of academic papers has serious implications for authors’ personal prestige and continuing employment, the prestige of departments and universities, and the funding of education and research. Thus, academics worldwide are expected to carry out research and publish their effectively report the results to broader audience. Academic writing skills is the most important skill needed to master to be able to communicate the research report through dissemination in peer-reviewed journals. Unfortunately, the level of formal support available is considerably greater for mastering research methodology rather than effectively communicating findings.
Academic Writing in English as an Additional Language: A Focus on Scholarly Publication is aimed at scholars (faculty members, researchers, graduate students, etc) who utilize English as an additional language (EAL) and seek to publish their papers in academic journals for international readership. a global audience. The nudge for writing this book stemmed from the author’s personal experience as a faculty member, who needs to demystify the publication process in reputable international journals. This experience is likely shared by many other EAL faculty members and graduate students worldwide.
The book is structured into two parts. The first part delves into the world of scholarly publication as an academic writing genre. It explores the distinctions between scholarly papers and other forms of academic writing, and sheds light on the nature of peer-reviewed international reputable journals. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of publishing papers in these journals for academics, especially those who use English as an additional language (EAL). The second part of the book offers practical guidance on writing scholarly articles for publication. It specifically focuses on three types of articles that are commonly published in scholarly peer-reviewed journals: research articles, review articles, and book reviews. One notable aspect that sets this book apart from others on similar themes is the incorporation of genuine excerpts, primarily derived from the author’s published works. The samples aim to offer vivid and clear examples for any practical guides provided, enabling readers to better understand how to apply them in their writings.

  • Penulis: Prof. Rahmah Fithriani, Ph.D.
  • ISBN: 978-623-8238-56-9
  • Halaman: xii | 88 hlm
  • Ukuran: 15 cm x 23cm
  • Tahun Terbit: 2023



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