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Hukum Islam Persentuhan Nalar, Wahyu dan Realitas – Prof. Dr. Watni Marpaung, MA.


Tindak Pidana Korupsi dan Tindak Pidana Pencucian Uang Pada Sektor Sumber Daya Alam – Prof. Dr. Alvi Syahrin, S.H., M.S., dkk

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Preventing Corruption and Detecting Corruption: HU-Model – Haryono Umar, Siti Safaria, dkk


The impact of corruption is very dangerous for individuals, groups, organizations, communities, institutions, even nations and countries. The impact can be felt immediately or slowly, but surely. In general, the impact can be in the form of state losses, high-cost economy, inefficiency and misallocation of state resources, or unhealthy competition. In total, all of these impacts will make Indonesia a high-risk country that is unattractive to the global investment world.
Corruption is difficult to detect because evidence of irregularities can only be known through signs, symptoms, or signals from actions that are suspected of causing the fraud. these signs, symptoms, and signals can be seen from the behavior of individuals, organizations and from outside the organization. Signs of individual behavior can be seen from changes in lifestyle changes, usually more inclined to changes in a more luxurious lifestyle. For organizational signs, there are situations or conditions that are not conducive as a result of a weak internal control environment in the company. These non-conducive conditions can be characterized by the presence of oddities or oddities in the financial statements, besides that there are many complaints from outside the company both from suppliers, partners, etc.
This book describes corruption prevention efforts by implementing the HU-Model of detection in various government and private agencies throughout Indonesia. Data collected from districts, cities, provinces, ministries and agencies, state-owned enterprises, and state universities and private companies in Indonesia. This book presents the implementation of a model for detecting corruption called the HU-Model.

  • Penulis: Haryono Umar, Siti Safaria, Welda Mudiar, Rahima Br. Purba, Markonah
  • ISBN: 978-623-8238-54-5
  • Halaman: 416 hlm
  • Ukuran: 15 cm x 23cm
  • Tahun Terbit: 2023



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